President Tom Brown has been working hard in our local community gathering support for the Rotary Club of Mission Beach.
A social gathering was held at the Mission Beach Resort on Tuesday evening to induct 4 New Members, 2 Corporate Members and 11 Friends of Rotary.
We would like to Welcome the following New Members:
Corporate Membership
  • Mission Beach Resort:  Mark Colquhoun
  • Mission Beach Resort:  Nathan Marshall
  • Tropical Property:  Susie England
  • Tropical Property:  Tania Steele
New Rotarians
  • Alana Robertson
  • Don Krausharr
  • Jasmine Cardno
  • Judy Campbell
Friends of Rotary
  • Eva Welsh
  • Bill Toffler
  • Charlie Peel
  • Chrysta McCarthy
  • Diana Dade
  • Mission Beach Petanque Club - Sal Badcock
  • Mission Beach Petanque Club - Kim Badcock
  • Selena Murray