Kelly Hunt is a student at Tully State High school who recently traveled to Canberra for the National Youth Science Forum. Our Rotary club helped to sponsor and support her in her endeavor and here is here story of success and fun. This is her speech that she gave to the club after she went on the trip.

Look in photo albums for pictures from her trip.

Hello, I’m Kelly Hunt and I attend Tully State High School. I’m here tonight to thank you for supporting me financially to attend the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra, which was held last month. I flew to Brisbane from Cairns on the 1st of January, and then I had a 22 hour bus trip to Canberra, with the other students from QLD. I was accommodated at Burgmann College for 2 weeks. There were 150 students in my session from all over Australia and a few from Canada, Germany and New Zealand. We were divided up into different groups such as: Darwin, Pauling, Doherty, Lyell, Maxwell, Einstein, Florey, Newton, Galileo and Rutherford. I was in Rutherford which was a chemistry group.

The opening ceremony was held at the New Parliament House; afterwards we got a private tour through the Parliament House and places that aren’t available to the general public. We also got to have a video conference with CERN at Questacon. There were various lab visits that I did like CRISO plant fenonics where we met researchers who are currently trying to produce a new strain of wheat that will produce a higher yield of wheat for farmers, Engineering without Borders, where we made a solar powered oven and baked cookies, and we also made water filters for third world countries under the countries’ condition.

We also went to ADFA and learnt how to make blue prints. The national museum had a variety of different exhibits like the future transport where I designed what I would think future cars would look like, and circa which is a circular theatre that shows pictures of Australia’s past and also about some of the museums collection. We also got to go to the National zoo and aquarium where we saw a lot of different animals. The eels and some of the fish were huge. Another thing I got to go to was Questacon, which is the national science and technology Centre.

The group picture was taken at the Shine Dome where we went inside and have several debates in the big comfortable chairs. For the evening activities I went to Black Mountain which overlooks Canberra from inside the Telstra Tower, rising 195 meters above the summit of black mountain. We also went bush dancing at Yarralumla Woolshed. I had heaps of fun learning how to do different bush dances like the Flying Nun which was my favorite. For the science disco that was held at the Burgmannn Hall I went as a flame and I painted myself red. On the last night we had a concert where nearly everyone performed, I was in a group that made a song up about our experience at NYSF. 

My experience was great and thank you again for supporting me!